Homework in Pod 4 is designed to encourage, practise and extend the learning process previously introduced and used in school.  It has the following key purposes:

      1.       To reinforce previously learned concepts.

      2.       To develop study habits and organisational skills.

      3.       To foster participation and sharing with guardians.

      4.       To encourage a positive and responsible learning attitude.

      5.       To develop independence in children’s own learning.

These guidelines are provided so that parents/teachers together, can help the children to work to their potential.

Selected homework will be given on a regular basis.   This will be related to classroom programmes, and the children’s age and ability.  It is important for parents to know what is expected and when.

Both parents and teachers can take responsibility for the quality and amount of work done, and communicate this to one another. eg. To ensure Spelling has been checked, learned and tested the signatures of both parties are required.

Parents should not be expected to teach any new work as homework will be maintenance of what is already known, eg. in Maths if a method is not clearly understood by the child, leave it and communicate this to the classroom teacher.

Children may voluntarily complete homework tasks at school, eg. at lunchtime, after school, before school.  Some tasks however, (ie those requiring parental signatures) have to be completed at home. 

We realise children lead busy lives outside school, and that they also need time to be children.   If they are not meeting requirements a note to parents from their classroom teacher could assist completion.